May 222011

This is a javascript program (I think, I’m not sure what qualifies as a program). It contains a list of gemstones and gemstone-related terms and provides you with a random result when you click the “Magic” button. I’m working on figuring out how to center the magic button under the form (even as the form is expanded or shrunk). If you have any secrets about how to do such things, let me know.

Who could use such a program? Drawing a picture of a royal banquet. Perhaps they need some gemstone to represent their house? Is your adventurer finding a magical stone as part of a quest? What stone shall it be? There are plenty of possibilities for even things that seem quite dull. I hope someone gets some use out of it.

This program contains a lot of terms I would never use because they are too obscure, sound terrible, or have some other problem associated with them. In the future, it’s possible that I’ll be constructing a second version of this program that contains only those terms that I deem as having “passed the coolness test,” which is essentially my subjective judgment. For instance, it’s highly likely I would eliminate “clinohumite” from such a list. Anyway, enjoy!

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