Standard Mages:
Sorcerer, Wizard, Magi, Mage, Magus, Archmage, Mystic.

Prestige Mages:
Druid, Shaman, Bard.

Reagent Mages:
Herbalist, Alchemist, Inscriber, Runemaster.

Priest, Monk, Witch Doctor, Theurgist, Cleric, Hierophant, Spiritwalker, Friar.

Chaotic Alignment:
Necromancer, Lich, Warlock, Witch, Blood Mage, Ritualist.

Summoner, Enchanter, Illusionist, Elementalist, Conjurer, Timelord, Spellbinder.

Physical Damage Classes:

Tier 3 Armor:
Barbarian, Warrior, Knight, Gladiator, Champion, Death Knight, Warden, Guardian, Defender, Fighter, Paladin, Sentinel, Templar, Savage, Warmage.

Tier 2 Armor:
Amazon, Valkyrie, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Stalker, Ravager, Lancer, Hunter, Ranger, Rogue, Samurai, Beserker, Blademaster, Battlemage, Shapeshifter, Beastmaster.

Tier 1 Armor:
Assassin, Lurker, Pirate, Spellthief, Thief, Soldier, Archer, Ninja, Swashbuckler, Duelist, Jester.

Classes are placed in categories according to my interpretations, which are subjective. They are also placed in inadequate categories because of my current lack of motivation to produce a multi-category method of organizing this data (such as tables, a database, etc). I would’ve liked to add classes that are more specific (Blackguard, Pale Master, and Dread Lord), but I suspect they are copyrighted. If anything on this list is wrongfully used, let me know. If you have any class suggestions that you are certain can be used legitimately, leave a comment. Keep in mind that I will not add everything. For instance, I’m not going to add Shadow Knight, Blood Knight, Dark Knight, etc. I’d have to use the prefixes again for almost every class. I only used prefixes for classes I feel have entered into standard usage within fantasy.

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