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Images 0.1

I’ve decided to add some of the images I’m using for my current game (mainly to enable people to assist me with figuring out how to accomplish certain tasks. If you’re one of those helpful people, thanks!

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Python Chess-Style Gameboard Generator

import random,math,sys import pygame from pygame.locals import * import os pygame.init() #Initializing Pygame pygame.display.set_caption("Sandbox") #Screen screenwidth= 800 screenheight= 600 screen=pygame.display.set_mode((screenwidth,screenheight),0, 0) def terminate():     pygame.quit()     sys.exit() #Squares purplesquare=pygame.image.load(’purplesquare.png’) purplesquare=pygame.transform.scale(purplesquare,(50,50)) bluesquare=pygame.image.load(’lightbluesquare.png’) bluesquare=pygame.transform.scale(bluesquare,(50,50)) #Function def cookie(x,y):     return … Continue reading

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