This is a blog designed to improve my abilities in various computer languages. By providing tutorials and program demonstrates, I hope to pass on the knowledge I’ve learned to others. This site will also serve as a resource for accessing useful information (often personalized to my needs). More specifically, I might make a code reference for, let’s say Pygame. Since I don’t use CDs or Joysticks, I would create a reference eliminating those commands (while placing a link to the Pygame website reference that contains everything one needs).

My primary motivations are self-interested, and I will also post updates on my current activities. While I have difficulty “ranking” my level of expertise, I would suggest others assume I am a beginner in everything (so you can’t blame me if my advice ruins your life somehow). With that said, here is a list of computer languages and programs I have some knowledge of (in some cases, only a tutorial worth of knowledge).

Html, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, MySql, Ajax, XML; C++, Python; Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator; Windows, Ubuntu; PhpMyAdmin, WordPress, Pygame.

I have plans to look into most major languages, but I’m trying to focus some of my knowledge as of late. I want to be able to do interesting things with one language. I’m getting there with Python, Pygame. I recently acquired a module and OpenGL, and I’ve downloaded Blender (which is too scary for me right now).

There are a few projects I am thinking of working on long-term. One of these is a word-sorting program, preferably an online database (likely using php). Words would be associated with one or more tags and searchable according to one or more tags. Want words that relate to “trees” and “sticky” and you might get “Maple Tree” as a result (though I don’t think Maple Trees are sticky most of the time). I want to create a 2D chess-style game where the pieces have RPG-style elements (can level up, can gain abilities). Sort of like the ever-present battle-chess concept.

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